Gradescope is a grading efficiency and automation tool that is available through Canvas. This third-party tool augments the assignment, quizzing and grading tools available in Canvas, addressing more advanced needs in courses where the standard tools are not sufficient. Gradescope is tightly integrated with Canvas, and supports full pass-back of grades to the Canvas gradebook.

Gradescope allows you to grade and provide feedback on paper-based, digital, and coding assignments and exams quickly and consistently. Gradescope is especially beneficial to STEM courses where students typically submit hand-written problems, such as proofs, chemistry equations, formulas, or code. Courses outside of STEM can also benefit from Gradescope. For instance, essays or writing assignments can utilize in-line annotation tools and apply commonly-used comments to multiple submissions easily. 

How can my course benefit from Gradescope?

  • Flexible rubrics can be built while grading, and updating or regrading scores for rubric items is easy. Rubrics can be built for an entire assignment or for individual questions.

  • Increased consistency and transparency about grading since all graders use the same rubric.

  • Student work can be graded by multiple instructors, TAs, or readers simultaneously.

  • Custom feedback available - write individual comments to a student or use in-line annotations.

  • Supports automatic grading of coding assignments, and supports LaTeX.

  • Detailed statistics for questions, assignments and exams.

Faculty Feedback

Here are some comments from UCSC faculty using Gradescope already:

  • “It's clear GradeScope was designed by people who actually grade large classes.  It's efficient and versatile. It's easy to make adjustments for the "ubiquitous exceptions"  and regrades are part of the process. My readers graded the first few homeworks with Speedgrader in Canvas before GradeScope became available, and then graded the midterm in GradeScope. After grading the midterm, they unanimously voted to switch all the remaining grading to GradeScope.” - Professor and Chair, Computer Science and Engineering

  • “Gradescope has made collaboration with my TAs a very efficient process. We can post grades sooner and all the assignments are digital, so we can review them any time with confidence. It also gives me better information about students and questions, and an easier environment to resolve issues that might arise from submissions and grading.” - Teaching Professor, Mathematics Department

  • “Gradescope has allowed me to nearly seamlessly migrate my grading rubrics for mathy problem sets in a physical chemistry course such that my TAs and graders can quickly and efficiently distribute partial credit to students. I have received good feedback from my TA and grader that the grading goes smoothly with gradescope. I would consider using gradescope for grading even in the absence of remote instruction.” - Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Get Started

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Gradescope is offering weekly webinars on Thursdays at 9AM. A complete list of dates and registration are available from Gradescope:

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