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In-depth reading and thoughtfully analyzing and annotating work are essential skills for successful studying, comprehension, and writing. Instructors need a way to understand students’ comprehension and engagement with works, and reviewing a student's annotations is one way to do this. Also, students’ comprehension of works and their deep reading and annotating skills are significantly improved by interacting with others through comments and annotations.

Hypothesis is a lightweight browser add-on that allows students to highlight and annotate web pages and PDFs. These notes are available to the student whenever they access the annotated documents and may be held privately to the student or shared with a select group, such as a class, or publicly. Integrated with Canvas, this tool:

  • Provides students and faculty with a single point of access to the relevant documents and annotations through their Canvas courses without requiring a separate authentication in Hypothesis
  • Allows instructors to assign, review, and easily grade annotations
  • Provides students with permanent access to their annotations of works


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