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iClicker/Catalina Incompatibility

Current versions of iClicker desktop applications (iClicker Classic and iClicker Cloud) do not work with MacOS 10.15.

Upgrading to Mac OS 10.15, will cause problems with both iClicker Classic and iClicker Cloud unless you change some MacOS Settings. For details of the Settings changes, read this: "How to Run iClicker Cloud and iClicker Classic on macOS 10.15 (Catalina)"

iClicker is working on an update for the Cloud version. Once it is avaiable, you can update within the app by going to "Help" and "Check for Updates" or by downloading it from the iClicker website. 

iClicker Information

iClicker is an audience response system that allows students to instantly answer questions posed by their instructors. Students can use a "clicker," a portable, handheld device that allows students to vote by "clicking" on the appropriate button for his/her choice or iClicker software (Reef) on phones, tablets or laptops (if the course is Reef-enabled). Instructors can use iClickers for interactivity, attendance and/or assessment.

iClickers are available for students to purchase at the Bay Tree Bookstore. Instructors can add their clicker order to their regular coursebook adoption request each quarter.

iClicker Types

There are 2 types of iClicker being used at UCSC: iClicker Classic and iClicker Cloud.

iClicker Cloud is an online subscription running from $14.99 (for 6 months) to $47.99 (for 4 years).

iClicker Remotes run $35 to $50 depending on the model.

With Both Versions:

  • Students can respond with smartphones or laptops
  • Students can respond with iClicker remotes
  • Classroom Polling
  • Roster and Gradebook
  • Excel Exports
  • Students register with Canvas or Reef app.

Cloud Only

  • GPS Attendance
  • Online Gradebook
  • Advanced Polling Question Types

iClicker Cloud requires that students have an account with iClicker. However, students will not have to pay for an account if they are using only the remote.

If, as an instructor, you plan to use iClicker remotes, you will also need to obtain the iClicker hardware through the Learning Technologies Audio-Visual checkout facility. It is called the "iClicker Kit" which will include a receiver and 2 iClicker remotes. You can also request a kit directly from iClicker: https://learn.iclicker.com/KitRequest.html

Classic Version

If you choose to use Classic, download the software from the following options:

This download is specifically for UCSC. Downloads from elsewhere will not work properly with the UCSC Canvas system. Be sure to update the application once you have opened it.

Here is more information about using Classic:

Cloud Version

If you choose to use the Cloud version, download the software from here:https://www.iclicker.com/downloads/iclicker-cloud

Once you have downloaded the application, Open it and click “New Course.” Create the course and integrate iClicker with Canvas, following these steps:https://macmillan.force.com/iclicker/s/article/Instructor-Guide-Create-the-iClicker-Cloud-Association-Link-in-Canvas

Please be sure to set up your iClicker course using only one account with your UCSC CruzID. Otherwise, it might be confusing for your students.

More information about the Cloud Version of iClicker:

(Old News) Summer 2019

Latest iClicker Version Available

iClicker Cloud 5.0 was recently released.  Earlier versions of iClicker Cloud are no longer supported. Please download the latest version here: https://www.iclicker.com/downloads/iclicker-cloud

  • iClicker Cloud 5.0 is a new, separate version of the desktop software. All users will need to download the new iClicker Cloud 5.0 instructor software from our downloads page. You will not be able to update to iClicker Cloud 5.0 from within the older 4.6 or Beta 5.0 software.
  • You’ll need to delete your previously installed versions of iClicker Cloud 4.6 or the Beta version of 5.0. Your courses and course data will not be affected. Your existing course data will be available when you log in to the iClicker Cloud 5.0 desktop software.
  • Please note that this summer our minimum system requirements for macOS have been updated to macOS 10.11 (El Capitan, 2015) and will also go into effect as of today.

Please contact the Faculty Instructional Technology Center (FITC) if you have any iClicker questions.

Talk to fellow faculty about their experiences with iClicker: