Please note: As of July 1, 2024, Instructors must update to iClicker Cloud 6.0.0. Learn more about new 6.0.0 features.

iClicker Service

iClicker is an audience response system that allows students to instantly answer questions posed by their instructors. Students can use iClicker Cloud software on phones, tablets or laptops. Instructors can use iClickers for interactivity, attendance and/or assessment.

The iClicker service at UCSC currently requires students to either purchase a physical device which includes an iClicker account, or subscribe to an iClicker account for use with their personal devices. Please consider the cost to students when choosing this service.

Cloud Version

iClicker Cloud is the only supported version of iClicker at UCSC. iClicker Classic is no longer a supported option. You can configure your class in iClicker to support physical clickers, student personal devices (phones, tablets, computers), or both.

In-classroom computers include the latest version of iClicker desktop software. For classrooms without installed computers or for use with remote instruction, instructors should be sure to download the latest version of the desktop application

If you will support students using both physical clickers as well as their own devices, you will need an instructor kit with base station. These kits are available from the Classroom Technologies office. Contact them at (831) 459-5858 or via email at

Please be sure to set up your iClicker course using only one account with your UCSC CruzID. Otherwise, it might be confusing for your students.

Also please note that due to the configuration of the UCSC eduroam network, geolocation is not supported.

Additional help and support for setting up and using iClicker is available on the iClicker-sponsored UC Santa Cruz iClicker support site.

For Students

Students can learn more about iClicker and how to set up your account on the iClicker-sponsored UC Santa Cruz iClicker Student Onboarding and Support site.