A group of faculty met in the fall of 2008 to recommend a single standard for clickers at UCSC. i>Clicker was selected as the suggested standard. Used predominantly in large section courses to improve student participation and promote active learning, use of clickers has been on the rise over the past few years.

i>Clickers are available for students to purchase at the Bay Tree Bookstore. Instructors can add their clicker order to their regular coursebook adoption request each quarter.

Getting started:

1. First, start by ordering i>Clickers through the Bay Tree Bookstore:

  • Course Materials Manager
  • Christine Harper (charper@ucsc.edu or 459-1333)

2. Through the Learning Technologies Audio-Visual checkout facility, obtain the necessary "i>Clicker Base Unit."

3. We recommend using the newest option: iClicker Cloud. More information can be found here.

4. Online resources and training materials:

UCSC Canvas iClicker Materials:

UCSC eCommons iClicker Materials:

5. Learn how to integrate clickers with eCommons through the Faculty Instructional Technology Center (FITC).

6. Talk to fellow faculty who have volunteered to assist you: