ITS Service Page Template

This page describes the elements that appear on standard service pages in the ITS Service Catalog. The elements are arranged below according which of the five service definition questions ("the 5 questions") they address. Some elements are optional depending on the nature of the service. See the Service Definition Checklist for more information about the 5 questions.

Request a New Service Page

  • If you would like to request a new service page, please answer as many of the following questions as you can and email the information to Lisa Bono. She will contact you to set up a consultation and then begin building your web page. 
  • Request a Service Page Form (Word): Use this form if you'd rather use a Word document to answer the questions. Once complete, email this form to Lisa Bono. 

Service Page Elements

Question 1: What is it and how do I get it?

Service Name
Official name of the service. This is the name displayed in links to the service page from other ITS web pages.

Service Description
Brief text describing the service. Save details for other sections of the service page. Services provider should always be “ITS” as opposed to an ITS unit. Avoid service quality statements such as “superior”, “best”, etc.

Features and Functions
Description or links to the features available through the service. Try to limit the text to one page. Link to a separate features page if there is too much to describe.

When is the service available and what are support hours?

Question 2: How do I get help? How do I use the service?

Using <Service>
Text or links describing how to access or use functions of the service. Self-service resource links. Configuration information.

Links to standard software used to access the service.

<Service> Web Login
If the service requires a login, please provide the login information and if the service uses a Blue, Gold, or other password.

Getting Help
Should contain standard ITS Support Center links and any additional contacts for clients to receive service support. Provide links to relevant FAQs and self-service information. 

Question 3: What Does It Cost?


Cost of service to customer, recharge, and rate information.

Question 4: How does ITS support this service?

Client-facing information from Question 4 is included under Question 2 above.

Question 5: How does ITS provide this service?

Policy Information
Short descriptions or links to relevant UC/campus policy or guidelines related to this service.

Links to published standards related to the service.

Service Levels
Details about service levels and a link to a published Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Related Services and Links
Links to other service catalog pages or other web pages/resources that are associated with the service.

Metrics and Statistics
Links to graphs/charts and statistics related to the service. Include a small chart graphic to highlight if possible.

Email this information to Lisa Bono to request a new service web page in the ITS Service Catalog