Apple iPad & iPhone Management

ITS provides management of University-owned Apple iPads and iPhones that can run the iOS 10 or higher operating system.

Enrolling devices in this service provides:

  • Campus baseline security configuration
  • Automatic configuration of devices based on department-level needs
  • Deployment and removal of University-owned apps

Services for Managed iPads/iPhones

AppleConfigIconDevice Enrollment

Managed devices are enrolled in the campus Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. Once your devices are enrolled, they can be managed and configured remotely.  To enroll devices, please submit a ticket in SlugHub:  

  • Type keyword "mdm"
  • Select Mobile Device Management (MDM) > iPad/iPhone (Campus Managed) > Device Enrollment

ApplePrefsIconDevice Configuration

Managed devices can have settings and security configuration applied to them to meet campus and user requirements.  To request configuration of a managed iPad/iPhone, please submit a ticket in SlugHub:  

  • Type keyword "mdm"
  • Select Mobile Device Management (MDM) > iPad/iPhone (Campus Managed) > Device Help

AppStoreIconMobile App Installation

Managed devices can have apps installed automatically or via user install.  We can assist with free app installs and facilitate paid app purchase and installation.  To request help with apps for managed iPads/iPhones, please submit a ticket in SlugHub:  

  • Type keyword "mdm"
  • Select Mobile Device Management (MDM) > iPad/iPhone (Campus Managed) > App Installation Help

Device Management Consultation

We provide consultation to determine the best approach for managing devices in your department. We will work with you to understand your requirements for your device management needs. Various device settings can be put in place to restrict or enable features of iPads and iPhones. 

ITS manages devices centrally, but some Departments with specialized needs have been set up with device management access. To report problems or request help with the campus MDM system, submit a ticket in SlugHub:

  • Type keyword "mdm"
  • Select Mobile Device Management (MDM) > MDM (Campus Jamf Pro) > Admin Help

Apple Deployment Programs

This service works in conjunction with Apple Deployment services such as:

Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
iPhones and iPads can be assigned to the Campus MDM system so that they are enrolled and managed as soon as they are unboxed and powered on for the first time and continue to be managed even if they are wiped. At this time, devices must be purchased from these sources for DEP compatibility:

  • iPads: Apple punch-out in CruzBuy
  • iPads/iPhones:: AT&T
  • iPads/iPhones:: From Verizon Wireless
  • iPads/iPhones: From CDW-G punchout in CruzBuy

Devices that cannot be enrolled via DEP can still be enrolled through a manual enrollment process. Currently, devices purchased though the BayTree Bookstore will need manual enrollment. 

Volume Purchase Program (VPP)
Mobile apps can be purchased and assigned to devices without the need for AppleIDs.  App ownership is retained by the University, not individuals.