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关于 Accellion 数据外泄的常见问题与解答

The cybersecurity attacks recently directed against UC are a frightening reminder of the importance of doing everything possible to protect ourselves online. It’s more important than ever to follow these best practices for cybersecurity whether you're at home or in the office. Update on Accellion Data Breach

UC Accellion Data Breach Information

Get Help

For support and questions, contact the ITS Support Center

Experian IndentityWorks Customer Support

  • For help with Experian IndentityWorks, call (866) 904-6220 and reference engagement number B012756.

Dark Web: What to do if your information was found

If you received notification that your information (social security number, credit card numbers, email address, etc.) was found on the dark web go here to learn what to do. 

UCSC Town Hall on Protecting Your Identity

Protect Your Identity & Data

If it's suspicious, report it!

Report suspected UCSC scams and other suspicious activity as soon as possible to ITS. Learn how

Credit Monitoring & Identity Theft Protection

Many UC community members have already signed up for free credit monitoring and identity theft protection through Experian IdentityWorks. If you have not already signed up for these services, we encourage you to register.

  • Or you may call (866) 904-6220 and reference engagement number B012756

Credit Freeze & Fraud Alert Protection

Place a credit freeze or fraud alert on each of the nationwide credit bureaus listed below to help protect unwanted people from opening credit in your name. 

Protect your Social Security Number (SSN)

A dishonest person who has your Social Security number can use it to get other personal information about you. Learn how to protect your SSN

Protect your Digital Data

As digital records, accounts and passwords become more integrated into daily life, they come with a heightened risk of data breaches. From UC Berkeley, learn how to protect your digital data

Tax Scams Awareness

Download this free Tax Scam Awareness kit to help avoid tax identity theft and tax scams.

Enable Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication secures your account by requiring a second form of authentication. UCSC uses multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect our CruzID and Gold password account. 

Think Before You Click

Criminals are experts at making phishing emails as convincing as possible. Even if an email looks like it’s from someone you know, verify unexpected attachments or requests for private information (yours or anyone else’s). Learn more

Protect Your Passwords

Your old tricks for setting and storing your passwords may no longer be up to the task. Consider a secure password service to generate and store passwords for your work and personal accounts. Learn more

Protect Your Devices

Keep all your devices as secure at home or on the road as you would in the office. Learn more

Protect Your Files

Make sure important information is stored securely. Delete sensitive information when you are done with it, following the UC records retention schedule. Better yet, don't store it in the first place if you don't need to. Learn more