Activating a New Voicemail Service

For faculty and staff
  • On campus from your office phone:
    • Dial 9-3000
    • Enter the temporary security code that has been assigned to you. This will take you to the Main Menu. Follow the voice prompts to set a new security code, record your name, and record a greeting for your callers. Note: Until you activate your voice mail service, your callers will hear the message, "I'm sorry, but the person you called did not activate the voice messaging service. Please try again later. Good-bye."
    • Once you have completed the tutorial, your voicemail box will be ready to accept messages.
  • Off campus from your cell or other phone:
    • Dial 459-3000
    • To access your mailbox press the pound key (#) and enter your five digit extension, then enter your security code – this will take you to the Main Menu