Listening to and Managing Messages

  • Press 1 to listen to New Messages after logging into your mailbox
  • Press 5 to listen to Saved Messages

You can use the following commands to handle, answer, or get information about a message you have just reviewed.

During Message Playback, the following options are available:

  • Press 6 to return to the beginning of the message
  • Press 3 to rewind 5 seconds
  • Press 4 to Delete a message
  • Press 9 to Fast Forward 5 seconds
  • Press 7 to Skip to the next message
  • Press 5 to Save the message
  • Press 00 to Hear the Date and Time of the message
  • Press 8 to Reply to the sender of the message
  • Press 8 and 3 to Call Back the sender’s extension (calling campus extensions only)
  • Press 2 to Forward the message
  • Press 1 to Pause/Resume Play

Tip: You can retrieve a recently Deleted Message if you are still logged in to your current mailbox session. Return to the Main Menu where you will be given the option to Retrieve Deleted Messages [7].