Message Tags

When leaving someone a message or sending a message, you have the option of marking your message Private, Urgent, or Return Receipt. The recipient of the marked message will hear a Message Tag at the beginning of the message.

  • Create your Message by pressing 2 at the main menu
  • Record your message at the tone, press 2 when done recording

Set Routing Options

  • Press 0 for Routing Options, then choose an option below
    • Press 1 to specify Future Delivery
    • Press 2 to specify Urgent
    • Press 3 to specify Private
    • Press 5 to specify Return Receipt
    • Press 8 to Leave a Callback Number
    • When done with routing, press # to approve the message for sending
    • Address your message
    • Enter a 5-digit mailbox number
    • Continue entering addresses, then press # when done
    • To Cancel the previous Address, press *
    • To Erase the message, press **
    • To Send, press #