Voicemail Features

Some features of the voice mail system include:

Out-of-Office Greeting

  • You now have the ability to set TWO out-of-office greetings. Your second greeting plays in place of your standard greeting when enabled. Your standard greeting is unaffected (not deleted) and resumes playing when your Out-of-Office Greeting is turned off. Set Your Out-of-Office Greeting

Reply or Call Back

  • While you are listening to a voice mail message, you can now reply to the sender and go directly to their voice mailbox without talking directly to the person, or you can call the person back without having to hang up and dial the number. Learn this Feature

Message Identifier

  • At the beginning of each voice mail message, you will hear the date and time the call came in and the phone number of each call, even outside calls.


  • You can "mark" a position in a message by pressing a number on the keypad, go to the next message and then return to the original message by pressing that number. Learn this Feature

Retrieve a Deleted Message

  • You can restore a deleted message DURING the session. For example, if you are listening to a voice mail message and you hit delete by mistake, you can now retrieve it as long as you don't hang up. Learn this Feature

Messages from Outside Callers

  • You can choose to hear only messages sent by outside callers first. Then, others messages will be presented.
  • When an outside caller leaves you a message, the system will provide you the caller ID of that incoming call.

Urgent Message Retrieval

  • You can listen to your messages in the order you want them — oldest, newest, or urgent messages first.