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Wendy Baxter
  • Title
    • Staff Research Associate II
  • Division Physical & Biological Sciences Division
  • Department
    • Natural Reserve System
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    • Long Marine Lab Conservation Annex Trailer 1, NA
  • Mail Stop Environmental Studies

Selected Publications

 Ambrose A.R., W.L. Baxter, R.E. Martin, E. Francis, G.P. Asner, K.R. Nydick and T.E. Dawson (2018) Leaf- and crown-level adjustments help giant sequoias maintain favorable water status during severe drought. Forest Ecology and Management In Press.


Martin R.E., G.P. Asner, E. Francis, A.R. Ambrose, W.L. Baxter, A.J. Das, N. Vaughn, T. Paz-Kagan, T.E. Dawson, K.R. Nydick, N.L. Stephenson (2018) Remote measurement of canopy water content in giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) during drought. Forest Ecology and Management In Press.


Nydick K.R., N.L Stephenson, A.R. Ambrose, G.P. Asner, W.L. Baxter, A.J. Das, R.E. Martin and T. Paz-Kagan (2018) The Leaf to Landscape Project: understanding mechanisms and spatial patterns of drought vulnerability for giant sequoia, Sierra Nevada, CA. Forest Ecology and Management In Revision.


Ambrose A.R., W.L. Baxter, C.S. Wong, S.S.O. Burgess, C.B. Williams, R. Naesborg, G.W. Koch and T.E. Dawson (2016) Hydraulic constraints modify optimal photosynthetic profiles in giant sequoia trees. Oecologia 182: 713-730.


Ambrose A.R., W.L. Baxter, C.W. Wong, C.W. Williams, R.S. Naesborg and T.E. Dawson (2015) Contrasting drought response strategies in California redwoods. Tree Physiology 35: 453-469.


Wallis De Vries M., Baxter W., Vliet A. (2011) Beyond climate envelopes: effects of weather on regional population trends in butterflies. Oecologia 167:559-571