Laptop Checkout Kiosk Service for UCSC Students

UCSC students may check out Dell Windows laptop computers or chargers from the self-service laptop kiosks located at McHenry Library and the Science & Engineering LibraryKiosk FAQskiosk


  • Any student with a CruzID and Gold password can check out a device.
  • One device per person may be checked out on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Devices can be borrowed for 12 hours at a time. The first 12 hours are FREE
  • Failure to return the equipment on time will result in an hourly usage
    fee of $2/hour until a maximum of $75.00 in usage fees are assessed if the equipment is not returned on time. Laptop replacement fees will be assessed if it is not returned.
  • You can check in the laptop and choose to check-out another laptop if it is available and no one is waiting in line for it. This must be done in person.


  • The same applications and software available through your CruzID will be available through these portable devices. 
  • You can take these devices anywhere to work or learn.


  • When a device is returned, your information and activity are automatically erased.
  • The laptops are equipped with the latest UCSC security software and safeguards. 


  • The kiosks are available during library business hours.
  • The checkout/return process is easy using your CruzID and Gold password. 

How to check out a device - students only

  • Visit a kiosk in McHenry Library or the Science & Engineering Library
  • Make sure you have your CruzID and Gold password handy
  • Using the kiosk touchscreen, select your desired device type
  • Press the checkout button
  • The laptop checkout terms will be displayed on the kiosk screen. Please read, review, and agree to the terms. You will receive a link to the agreement via email along with your checkout receipt should you wish to review it later.
  • After your credentials are authenticated, collect your selected device as it is ejected from the kiosk.
  • Return the device to the same kiosk within 12 hours to avoid usage fees. NOTE: Devices are FREE for the first 12 hours. 

Get Help

Support available Monday - Friday, 8AM to 5PM