Meet Bryan Diaz - Part of ITS Student Profile Series

April 16, 2020

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Interview with UCSC Alumnus and ITS Former Student Employee, Bryan Diaz

Bryan Diaz worked as a student lab consultant in 2015 for just one year in Information Technology Services (ITS) until his outstanding work led him to be promoted to student lab operations manager. He held that position until he graduated in 2018 from UCSC. Bryan was able to maintain a strong focus on academics while working in support of the computer labs on campus.

His supervisor at the time, Jennifer Miller, recalled Bryan’s time at UCSC as "very rewarding working with Bryan and being part of his professional development." She specifically mentioned Bryan’s humor, positive attitude, and passion for excellent customer service.

Bryan indicated that Jennifer was instrumental in helping him find employment. She gave him insights and was personally invested in his career success. Bryan heard from two separate recruiters that the letters of reference she wrote were the best they had ever seen.

ITS Staff Mentor Byran

Bryan also acknowledged the support and mentoring from other ITS staff he worked with, such as Mikey Orr for his technical expertise. "Mikey has so much knowledge and is always willing to share." On one occasion, Bryan asked Mikey specifically about becoming a sysadmin, and Mikey’s advice helped him a lot.

Working in ITS not only helped to cement Bryan’s decision to start a career in IT, it also provided him with the opportunity to learn the basics of customer support from ITS staff like Michael Lallemand who helped Bryan develop the hands-on skills needed to become an excellent student lab consultant.

Where is Bryan Today?

Bryan is now working for a tech start-up, BetterCloud. He provides support to other IT professionals to manage and secure their SaaS applications within their environments. "Coming out of college with managerial experience is a real plus," Bryan recounted. "You just don't see it that much, and recruiters are looking for candidates who know how to manage people." By learning how to treat his student tech employees properly, he deepened his sense of responsibility and gained the confidence necessary to succeed in a tech support position in the real world.

Why Work in ITS?

When Bryan was asked why students should work in ITS, he said, "Working in ITS is the best job a student can get on campus because it can positively impact their professional development and further their understanding of customer-oriented service operations." 

These student employees and managers, like Bryan, enable ITS to deliver high-quality services in ways that would otherwise not be possible. When you consider the value they create for our campus and the impact this experience can have on their professional lives, it is a win-win.


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