UCSC to go Paperless with DocuSign

February 01, 2019

DocuSign is an electronic signature system coming soon to UCSC!

ITS in partnership with Division of Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA), University Relations, Office of Research, Undergraduate Education and Academic Divisions is implementing digital signatures to make it significantly easier to sign documents. The solution is called DocuSign. You will no longer need to sign paper forms or have Adobe Acrobat Professional installed to sign electronic copies. In the future, you will only need a web browser to complete and sign documents that require e-signatures. As we roll this service out, the campus should also see a cost reduction in the amount spent on Adobe licensing and paper.

This simple, secure, and fully digital service is designed to improve the workflow of signing and approving documents where there is a compliance need. The business cases and benefits analysis started in spring 2017, and the project will officially start once funding is in place.

DocuSign is very beneficial as it saves time and allows for more visibility into the approval process. E-Signatures provide more legally binding, fraud-resistant signatures, and real time tracking helps with accountability and solves issues with easily misplaced paper documents. Electronic PDF’s with DocuSign eliminate the need for printing, faxing, scanning. DocuSign is also able to conveniently integrate with the existing services we already use on campus such as Google applications and Sharepoint.

ITS staff member, Stephanie Nielson, is leading this project and teaming up with campus business partners and others from Information Technology Services. Together, we hope to expand this service to campus, which will help our mission to go paperless!

If you have questions about DocuSign, contact Stephanie Nielson


Article written by: Siri Bandaru