ITS is e-Bike Friendly

March 11, 2019

Information Technology Services (ITS) has acquired three very cool e-bikes to help staff travel around on campus. These environmentally friendly transportation alternatives have proven to be popular since the bikes’ introduction in December. Not only are the e-bikes good for the environment, but they are also great for department morale! ebike image

ITS Facilities Analyst Oriana Gliessman, who led the project, has noticed that many ITS staff members are excited to use the bikes as an alternative to their cars. The bikes are fun and much easier and quicker to navigate around campus. Oriana set up the e-bikes in a Google Calendar so ITS staff can check them out. Each bike comes with a lock, helmet, and reflective stickers. Oriana appreciates that the bikes provide both physical and mental wellness, while staying green. With such a positive response, ITS hopes to offer more transportation alternatives for staff in future.

Contact Oriana Gliessman for more information.

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