IT Infrastructure Agreements - Discounts on Services

January 18, 2019

To: UCSC Faculty and Staff
Fr: Director of Procurement & Supply Chain, Darin Matthews and Director of ITS Core Technologies, Bill Storey

Re: IT Infrastructure Agreements

We’d like to bring to your attention exciting news about deeply discounted prices for IT infrastructure products in five categories– routers and switches, wireless, firewalls, servers, and storage. These discounts are achieved through UC wide agreements that are projected to have a financial benefit of $16M per year – for up to five years. As more departments leverage these agreements for their IT infrastructure spend, the greater the total benefit to UC will be.


Buying through these new UC agreements offers significant benefits:

  • Low Cost. Purchasing organizations get excellent pricing. If they have high volume, they are also free to try to negotiate deeper discounts.

  • Speed. No further competitive bidding is needed. Organizations just choose the product, buy, and install.

  • Flexibility. Two or more options are provided for each product category; organizations select the product that works best in their environment.

How it Works

The chart on this page,, lists the products offered. To make purchases using the UC agreements:

  1. Contact the UCSC Procurement Office to get pricing information.

  2. Follow the Procurement Office’s purchase procedures.

Most of the agreements also include professional services for installation, implementation, and configuring, etc.

For more information about the UC systemwide IT infrastructure agreements, visit the Office of the President’s Procurement website

If you have questions or would like to make a purchase using the UC agreements, contact UCSC Procurement and Supply Chain Services:

Darin Matthews, 459-4747
Kathleen Rogers, 459-1762
Paul Schell, 502-7514