Changes To Classroom Computing Support Fall 2022

June 01, 2022

Starting fall quarter 2022, 15 of the largest general assignment classrooms will be transitioning from both Windows and Macintosh installed computers to just Macintosh. These Mac computers will be updated with the latest software and security capabilities. This change is a direct result of a survey conducted in spring quarter 2022.

This survey showed that of the 451 UCSC instructors who were teaching in these classrooms, only 27 said that they used the installed computers and 15 said they only used them occasionally. The majority of the instructors who use those computers said they use Macintosh.


  • This change will significantly decrease the time and effort it takes to maintain these platforms since most instructors are now using laptops instead of installed classroom computers.
  • This change will also free up funds to go towards providing equipment that is in higher demand.

Other Changes Coming to Classrooms

  • Wireless projection capabilities will also be added to the classrooms. Along with the wired HDMI laptop connection, which should make connecting laptops to the projection system easier and more reliable.


Reach out to ITS by opening an online support ticket, by emailing, or by calling (831) 459-4357.