New "Keep it Locked" Podcast  

February 09, 2021

Hosted by Information Technology Services (ITS) with the goal of raising awareness about information security and data privacy, ITS is excited to announce the Keep it Locked podcast that explores current events in IT security and how it relates to our campus.


Gravitating towards topics that strike both fear and fascination Keep it Locked asks, what does privacy mean in the digital age? How is our personal data exploited and how can we protect it?

Episode 1

In this episode, Jane Tobias, ITS communication coordinator and UCSC legal studies student, interviewed Chief Information Security Officer Brian Hall about UCSC information security. In an effort to educate students about information security and how it impacts us individually and as a campus, Jane and Brian discussed what happens behind the scenes to keep our campus secure and the kinds of cyber threats commonly targeted at students. 

Urging people to pay attention to all levels of cyber attacks Jane warns, "If you're not interested you should be scared now!".

The 10 minute interview will soon air on KZSC radio. In the meantime you can listen to the podcast here