October 29, 2021

ITS launches improvements for support and service seekers

Over the summer, Information Technology Services (ITS) launched a new online system, called SlugHub, to make it easier for you to request services and get support from the first two SlugHub campus units: ITS and Staff Human Resources (SHR).


This launch represents a milestone in a months-long (and continuing) collaboration that started with a diverse group of faculty, students and staff who helped us research and understand the needs and pain points of non-technical campus members. That ongoing, iterative input has led us to create useful, data-informed digital experiences.

About SlugHub

SlugHub is a simple, friendly way for campus members to find answers to common IT and SHR-related questions, as well as submit support and service requests -- all without needing to navigate a complex technical interface. You can look up information or submit a request using SlugHub anytime it’s convenient, 24x7. A staff member will see and respond to your request during support hours M-F, 8AM to 5PM.


Prefer to work in the full ServiceNow platform? ITRequest has been renamed ServiceNow, but the system is exactly the same and here to support your work. For more information, check out the ServiceNow Technician FAQ

Try it out!

See for yourself how simple it is to create a support request.

  • Visit ITS SlugHub and click on the “Get Help” button.Then, fill out the form and let us know if there’s something we can help you with or just say hi.
  • Once submitted, you can view this and all your requests at any time by going to ITS SlugHub - or SHR SlugHub - and clicking on “My Requests.”

Help us improve your experience

Our work is not done--we’ll continue to make improvements to ensure that the SlugHub system meets the needs of our campus. Please share your feedback in this short survey. You can also link to the survey anytime by clicking on the link at the top of the SlugHub website.