ITS Improves McHenry Library Dead Zones

April 02, 2019

Thanks to the efforts of many people, Verizon cellular service is now working inside of McHenry Library!

student studying

McHenry Library has been mostly dark when it comes to cellular service. The library uses low emission glass, (which inhibits cellular signal penetration) and the buildings location in proximity to existing cellular antennas and the sheer mass of the structure, contributed to the lack of service within the building.

In the past decade, library services have transformed dramatically. Wireless and mobile services are used to access digital materials in McHenry Library's research and group study spaces as well as being an expected basic service across campus. McHenry Library, more than ever, is a place to make connections so that is why ITS technicians, in partner with library staff and the cellular provider, were able to come to an agreement on resources and time needed to do the work. Everyone involved was committed to the project knowing how important it was to the campus community.  

Now that Verizon is active inside McHenry Library, ITS is working to get other cellulars carriers active as well. Stay tuned!