Secure Data Disposal

UC Santa Cruz IT Services offers secure disposal for university devices and electronic media containing sensitive data.

In order to prevent unauthorized access, sensitive P3-P4 data on computers, electronic devices, and electronic media must be securely erased prior to disposal, reuse, or return to a vendor. This includes workstations, laptops, portable devices, printers, copy machines, faxes, data sticks, external hard drives, CDs/DVDs, tapes, and any other electronic media that contains sensitive data.

Secure Data Disposal Services

Secure Media Disposal

ITS will destroy any electronic media (hard drives, CDs/DVDs, tapes, etc.) that contains sensitive data, including personally identifiable information (PII) and electronic protected health information (ePHI).

Computer Surplus and Disposal

When computer equipment is no longer useful, ITS can prepare computers for surplus or disposal by securely erasing data. Please see Computer Surplus and Disposal for more information.

Requesting Secure Data Disposal Services

To request secure data disposal services, please complete a Computer Equipment Surplus and Disposal request form.

Secure data disposal services are available at no charge for all university devices and electronic media. These services are not available for personal devices and media.