Computer Surplus and Disposal

ITS provides a campus service to securely dispose of old computer equipment.

What types of computer equipment do we accept?

  • Computer Screens
  • Laptops*
  • Desktop Computers*
  • Mouse/ Keyboard/ Other Peripherals
  • Hard Drives/ Flash Drives/ Other Storage Media*
  • Printers*
  • Cell Phones
  • Tablets
  • Power Adapters
  • and Others

* = Items where stored data is securely erased or destroyed

How do I request the Surplus and Disposal service?

Open a service request here: Computer Equipment Surplus and Disposal Service Request

How can I be sure my sensitive data is protected?

We use up-to-date industry standard tools for secure erasing/destruction of data on hard drives and other electronic storage media while processing all incoming equipment. Your equipment remains secure from pickup till it's been processed securely. During processing, all equipment is secured behind a dual authentication door(key code + card access) then directly transported to campus Surplus/E-Waste once it's been securely processed.

What if I want to dispose of equipment that is not computer related?

Please check these Campus Receiving Services pages:

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