Training for ITS Staff

Training for ITS staff provided or available through the ITS Division. Supervisors are responsible for making sure their staff completes all appropriate and required security training.

Computer Security and Policy Training for ITS Staff 

This is a non-technical, self-paced, online training for all UCSC ITS staff. It takes approximately 1-1 1/2 hours to complete and covers key security and policy fundamentals including IT Service Provider responsibilities, access principles, sensitive data, key security practices, acceptable and personal use, and procedures for reporting security incidents.

All new ITS staff are required to complete this training within one month of their start date. This training is also appropriate for non-ITS employees in IT Service Provider roles.

Instructions for ITS Staff: When you have completed the training, print out the certificate at the end (just print the one page!), fill it out and give it to your immediate supervisor for signature and inclusion in your personnel file. 

Please contact for questions or additional information.

ITS HIPAA Training

This training is required for ITS staff members who support or work with systems that contain or access health information subject to the HIPAA Security Rule.

ITS staff with access to the following systems (including workstations and electronic media) or applications may be affected:

  • Student Health Services
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
  • Benefits Office
  • ITS Data Center
  • BigFix/Tivoli Enterprise Manager (TEM)
  • Campus Voicemail

Please see the ITS HIPAA Training web page for training requirements.

Please contact with questions or to access this training.

SANS Training

In addition to the above Divisional trainings, ITS provides funding for SANS training. SANS offers technical training in many areas and for different roles, including:

If you are interested in a particular SANS on-demand or vLive SANS course, please let your supervisor know to include it in your unit's training plan.

Please contact your supervisor to request this training.  Supervisors should contact for additional information.

Cybersecurity Training from the US Department of Homeland Security

The US Department of Homeland Security offers a wide variety of online cybersecurity training free of cost to government employees, including UC employees, through their virtual training environment.

Information Security Training at UCSC

This chart shows information security training available to the UCSC campus community and the ITS division based on an individual's role on campus. All training is online unless otherwise indicated.