Business Systems Compatibility

This page shows a list of campus business systems and their connection requirements. Most systems are web-based, so ITS supported browsers are listed as well. Standard desktop support from ITS is available for the following web browsers: 

ITS Supported Windows Browsers ITS Supported Mac Browsers
Google Chrome Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Firefox Firefox

(Note: Firefox is updated every 4-6 weeks. We support the latest version.)

  • With Firefox 52, Java is no longer supported. *
  • All systems work with Internet Explorer

The campus system is compatible with the supported browser if there is a  in the corresponding box (exceptions are noted).

Campus Business System Chrome Firefox Safari Java
ADFS/Alumni, Donor, Friends System


AIS/Academic Informaton System
BioBibNet (DivData)
CruzPay (ETAS)
CruzTime (via web)
Data Warehouse (Infoview XI)
EMF Survey
FAMIS (use only IE)   8
FIS/Banner √ (recommended) 
GARP/Graduate Admissions Review Portal
Google Apps
MyUCSC Portal (AIS)
NES/Narrative Evaluation System
PPS (via web)
RMS/Recruitment Management System √ (recommended) √ (recommended)
UR Portal (ADFS)

For more information about these business systems, please visit the Campus Business System Support page. 

Please contact me with any questions or comments. Thank you.

John Lallemand
Software Release Manager