Supplemental Account Access and Modification Forms

Supplemental forms collect information required for specific business systems. When you add access to an administrative system, you need:

  • an active CruzID
  • completed Account Modification 
  • any supplemental forms specific to the administrative systems.

Check your form over to make sure it is complete, legible, and accurate. Inter-office forms to the ITS Support Center at mail stop ITS Kerr, scan and attach the form to a IT Request ticket, or fax forms to 459-4171. 

Signatures required

Staff and faculty who are requesting access to an administrative system will need the signature of their supervisor (Department Chair for faculty). 

If you have any questions or don't know which form to use, please contact the ITS Support Center

PPS Accounts

These three forms are required for PPS accounts for staff, faculty and temporary staffing appointments:

NES Accounts

These two forms are required for NES accounts for staff, faculty, and temporary staffing appointments:

AIS/MyUCSC Accounts

MyUCSC (AIS) is a system of records supporting academic advising, undergraduate and graduate admission, financial aid, student records, and the student/ faculty portal. To request a staff account, follow this three-step process:

  1. Complete FERPA training Login with your CruzID and Gold password to access the form.
  2. Submit an Access to Information StatementLogin with your CruzID and Gold password to access the form.
  3. Request New, Change, or Remove Access - Login with your CruzID and Gold password to access the form.

FIS Accounts

These three forms are required for a FIS account for staff, faculty, and temporary staffing appointments: 

These forms must be submitted via Inter-office to the ITS Support Center at mail stop ITS Kerr, or fax forms to 459-4171. You will be notified via email when your password is ready to pick up.

Contact for further assistance or if you have questions about what access to FIS you require. 
FIS account requestors are required to complete training at:

CruzBuy Accounts

Complete the CruzBuy Profile Authorization form, obtain required signatures and mail to CruzBuy Account Administration at mail stop: Accounting Office, or fax to 459-3601. Any questions can be directed to You will receive an email when your account is ready with instructions for password pick up.

Use the form at this link to add special approvals to your existing account such as Food and Entertainment, Student PO Approve/Print, and as directed by CruzBuy Account Administration.

Sponsored (Sundry) Accounts

Sponsored (Sundry) Accounts are issued to people affiliated with the campus who are not faculty, staff, or students. These accounts require an active staff or faculty to complete and/or approve and can be provided to UC Extension students, retirees, and individuals/agencies officially affiliated with UCSC (contracting agencies). Sponsored accounts can provide access to campus email, wireless access, and other campus systems. Such qualification of proven affiliation is at the discretion of ITS. Eligibility is subject to compliance with university policy.

Data Warehouse Infoview XI Accounts

For Infoview report-reading or report-writing access to Data Warehouse, please visit this web page and follow the instructions on how to request an account:

There is no fee for a report-reading account. Report-writing accounts require either a recharge form to purchase a new license for $650, or a note on the account form stating the pre-existing license that is being transferred. Signature requirements are stated on the Data Warehouse Account Form and also at the Data Warehouse Subject Specific Access. Training is not required before account access is granted. For more information, visit:

Operational Accounts (Functional Accounts)

Operational accounts are not for an individual. This account is used for the purpose of testing an application or computer authentication. All operational accounts require approval from the IdM Service Manager.