CruzID Account Information

Everyone at UCSC is issued a CruzID when they are hired or enrolled. 

Your CruzID is your UCSC account, sometimes referred to as your username, that gives you access to many services and systems. Your CruzID is also part of your UCSC email address, such as, the "bslug" is the CruzID. 

As of February 1, 2024, CruzIDs for new students are created using your lived name in MyUCSC. CruzIDs for faculty, staff, and sponsored accounts currently use your legal name. They will use your lived name on or before June 30, 2024. Learn how to manage your name and other personal information.

How to Get a CruzID

  • Academic staff and faculty are given an Account Form during their on-boarding hiring process. Forms must be completed with a legal name and CruzID accounts are delivered after entry into the campus payroll systems. Make sure information on the form is legible to ensure quick processing.
  • Non-academic staff are typically sent their CruzID one business day after accepting their formal job offer from Staff Human Resources, but no more than 14 days prior to their hire date. The CruzID is emailed to new employees at the email address they provide to Staff Human Resources during the formal job offer process.
  • Students are given a CruzID after they submit their application to UCSC. If they decide to attend UCSC, they will use that same CruzID throughout their affiliation with UCSC.


Sponsored Accounts for people affiliated with UCSC - formerly known as Sundry Accounts

If you are affiliated with the campus, but not a student, staff, or faculty, your sponsor/supervisor may request a Sponsored Account that gives you a CruzID. Sponsored accounts are reviewed annually.

Changing Your CruzID

Under very limited circumstances, people with an active CruzID are allowed to request a CruzID rename. ITS will change CruzIDs for the following reasons:

  • A legal or lived name change
  • The CruzID forms an inappropriate word
  • Risk of personal harm due to exposure
  • At the direction of upper management 

Please note that CruzIDs are uniquely assigned and never reused.

An alternative to changing the CruzID is a Google nickname. Each person with an active CruzID is eligible for one nickname. See for more information on nicknames. Please be advised that if you have an At Your Service, FIS, and CruzBuy account, you will still be required to use your OLD CruzID for those systems.

CruzID Account Closure / Retirement

ITS recommends visiting the Google Offboarding web page at prior to your last day at the UCSC. More information can be found on the Records Access Notice. linked below.

Staff Employees

  • CruzIDs for all staff employees will be closed when the employee separates from the campus. The employee's unit may request an extension or re-enabling of the account if there is a business need for the account to remain open. To request an extension, a Sponsored Account can be requested here

Faculty Employees

  • Faculty accounts remain active for 90 days beyond their separation date. The unit may request an extension of the account by submitting a Sponsored Account Request Form. You will need to login with your CruzID and Gold password to access the form. 


  • Extended Services: As of May 29, 2013 degree-seeking students will retain their UCSC Google (email) account for 12 months after they are no longer enrolled at UCSC. This does not apply to students who were last enrolled prior to winter quarter 2013. Students eligible for Extended Services receive access to many of the same services as when they were enrolled students.
  • Students will receive automated messages 60, 30, 14, and 7 days prior to the end of the Extended Service. At the end of Extended Services students continue to have access to MyUCSC indefinitely. 
  • During the Extended Services period, students are eligible to opt-in to Email Forwarding. Any email sent to their account is forwarded to the email account of their choice at the end of the Extended Services period. Active email account holders can forward their email from their account at any time. Opting in to email forwarding, after extended services ends is done by submitting a request at to have your account administratively enable Email Forwarding.
  • All prior undergrad and graduate students retain their CruzID and Gold password to access MyUCSC for online academic information.
  • These accounts will not be included in the campuswide email broadcast lists.


  • Staff and faculty who retire from UCSC are allowed to retain their UCSC Google Apps account as long as they have an account sponsor. It is at the discretion of the department whether retired staff or faculty retain their email account. Retiree accounts come up for renewal every year unless a five year renewal is requested. The department representative needs to submit an online Sponsored Account Request Form.
  • Ladder rank faculty (emeriti) upon retirement retain their accounts as professor emeritus for a lifetime.

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