GoogleApps-Only Account

This type of account replaces what was known as "Email Only" accounts and is often used as a point of contact for an office or organization such as "". Google Apps-Only accounts can be transferred to new owners so contact addresses can remain consistent even across personnel changes.

What is a GoogleApps-Only Account

A GoogleApps-Only account includes Google Email, Calendar, Documents and other Google applications available to UCSC. GoogleApps-Only accounts must have a UCSC faculty or staff sponsor that is responsible for the proper use of the account. This includes the setup of the Google Apps account password, email alias, (nickname if applicable), and delegation so that the password is NOT shared with others. These accounts will go through a periodic audit to validate sponsorship and use.

How to Request a GoogleApps-Only Account

Policy: The owner of this account is responsible for appropriate management and protection of sensitive and/or personal data stored, accessed or transmitted via the email-only account, including by other authorized users. All individuals with access to a GoogleApps-Only account have full access to all of the email in the account. There should be no expectation of privacy from other authorized users. The owner of the GoogleApps-Only account has the authority to change the password for this account and it cannot be delegated. The owner of this account is accountable for ensuring that its use by the owner and all authorized users is consistent with UCSC Acceptable Use Policy and UC's Electronic Communications Policy.