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Visit the Asana Community and forums for simple technical issues which have a wide variety of how-to guides, help articles, and training videos.


Simply log in to Asana with your CruzID and Gold password. Your account will be created automatically once you log in.

The first step is to create a "Team" and then a "Project" within that team. 

If you're brand new to Asana, view a 15-minute getting started tutorial.

UC Santa Cruz Asana Community Support

UCSC Specific Asana Project Templates

Asana Training at UC Santa Cruz

Open Q&A / What's New with Asana: Hosted by Karl from Asana


This live session is for all UCSC faculty, staff, students, and teams who use Asana and want to get more information about the newest released features and functionality of Asana. 

Bring your specific questions for the live Q&A time as well.

Watch the recording of the March 19th, 2024 session if you couldn't attend.

Asana Basics Training: Hosted by Karl from Asana


You’ll learn how to:

  • Review Asana's layout and where to find to what
  • Understand profile settings including notifications
  • Capture work in Asana using projects and tasks
  • Track work using your Asana Inbox
  • Understand the capabilities of tasks and subtasks
  • Learn how to communicate effectively in Asana

Watch the recording of April, 2024 session if you couldn't attend. Passcode: ?7?6PHns

Asana Advanced Training: Hosted by Karl from Asana


This training is for all UCSC faculty, staff, students, and teams who are already using Asana but want to dive a little deeper.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Label and organize your work with Asana custom fields
  • Automate common Asana actions with rules
  • Reduce repetitive work with Asana task and project templates
  • Understand Portfolios, Project Templates, and Statuses
  • Workflow Q&A

Watch the recording of February 2024 training session if you couldn't attend. (passcode: fresh_mangoes)

Additional Training Resources

From Asana


Weekly Live Q&A Sessions Hosted by Asana 

Weekly sessions are for all users who want to ask Asana their questions. Register for upcoming sessions

(Recording of previous session - (passcode: Q*Y?WmC4)

Large Project Consulting

Teams seeking advanced support for specific business processes and workflow needs are welcome to sign up for limited professional consulting free of charge. Consulting assumes a foundational knowledge of Asana functionality and one or more identified use cases.