Printer Request Instructions

The following instructions are provided to help you as you fill out the the Printer Request Form to add a Business System printer to the network. Please see the explanations below for each area on the web form.

Printer Contact Name/Email/Phone: The contact is usually the name of the person who sits closest to the printer, so that when someone tests the printer remotely, they can be contacted to check if anything prints out. If you do not know who to put down, enter the name of the computing coordinator for your unit.

Printer Brand/Model: Please enter the brand name and model number of your printer as completely as you can, i.e.: HP LaserJet 4M Plu

IP address: If the printer is not already on the UCSC network, you must request an IP address and host name via your local ITS technician. Once your printer has been set up on the network, please return to this page to complete your Business System printer add request.

Printer Sitecode: Printer name as it is displayed in FIS, PPS and other applications. Invent a unique printer name such that users could pick their printer from a list of printers within the system. The printer sitecode must be unique to UCSC, can't be more than eight charactersmust be lowercase, and can use only the following two special characters, the hyphen ( - ) and the underscore ( _ ).

Duplex Printing: This is another term for double sided printing. Select this option if you want your Business System printer output to print on both sides when applicable (the printer must be capable of double sided printing).