Computer Setup

We prepare university-owned computers for use with standard software and configuration.

New Computer Purchasing

For information about choosing and ordering a new computer, please visit:

New Computer Standards

UCSC New Computer Standards - Dell/Apple Options and Pricing (UCSC Google Login Required)

New Computer Setup

After receiving a new computer it should be configured with a current standard operating system, applications, accounts, and settings. This provides a consistent and secure computing environment for you to use.  When needed we copy your files, data, and settings from an old computer to the new computer.

Standard Computer Operating Systems

We are currently configuring standard computers with these standard operating systems:

windows logo

Windows 10 Education
This is the default system for Windows computers.

Windows 7 SP1
This is available for computer models that require it or by request.

Apple Logo

macOS Sierra
This is the default system on all new Macs.
Macs must run the version of macOS that comes with the computer or higher. 

OS X El Capitan
OS X Yosemite

The following OS X versions are no longer available for Computer Setup:

OS X Mavericks
OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Lion
Mac OS X Snow Leopard

How to request New Computer Setup

When you order and receive a new computer, submit an IT Request - Service Request to have your computer configured as a standard computer.  

To create a service request:

  1. log into IT Request
  2. In the left navigation area, under Self-Service choose "Request or Change a Service"
  3. Under the "My Computer" heading, click on "New Computer Setup"
  4. This will give you a request form. Please enter as much info as you can.

You can also click on this link: Request New Computer Setup

How long does it take to configure a new computer?

We can pick up your computer or you can drop it off at the ITS Help Desk (54 Kerr Hall).  We will configure the computer within 1-2 days and then schedule a time to deliver the computer, transfer your data (this takes 1-3 hours), and configure any additional settings. On average, we can configure and set up your computer within 3-5 days of submitting a ticket. You can track the status of your request by logging into IT Request and the status will appear on your home page.

Computer Operating System Upgrades

We provide upgrades to a current operating system using the same standard computer process.  This ensures updated programs and settings are installed along with the updated OS. We make a copy of your data, configure your standard computer, then copy the data back to the computer.  In order to fully complete this process, we may require software installers and registration codes from you to re-install applications.

Loaner Laptop Availability: We can provide a temporary Mac or PC laptop to fit your needs while we upgrade your computer. To request a loaner laptop, include in the description of your ticket(see below) what environment/applications you need to do your work while your main computer is away. 

To request a computer upgrade:

  1. submit a ticket in IT Request to have your computer configured as a standard computer.

  2.  In the ticket, select

    Service: My Computer
    System/Application: OS Upgrade

Other Computer Setup Options

Run Windows on OS X Computers
Mac desktops and laptops can run Windows in addition to the OS X operating system.


We install a standard set of programs as part of the Computer Setup service.  To view a list of installed programs, visit the Standard Mac and Standard Windows pages.  We can install any software you are licensed for on request.  If you need to purchase additional software, you can order using the ITS Software order form on the ITS Software pages.

You may need to purchase newer versions of software to be compatible with a new or updated computer.  We can help you identify any software you would need to purchase.