Windows on Mac Computers

Mac desktops and laptops can run Windows in addition to the macOS operating system.  We can set up Macs to run Windows software as a virtual machine.

In order to install Windows on a Mac, a license for the Windows operating system is required and must be purchased separately from Microsoft (use the software order form).  Departments licensed under the MCCA Desktop program do not need to purchase a Windows license.

Windows Virtual Machine on Macs

Intel Macs can run Windows applications through installation of "virtual machine" or VM software.  The VM software creates a "virtual" computer that is essentially a second computer running on the same hardware as your Mac. While not as fast as running Windows natively, the advantage is that you can run both OS X and Windows at the same time and switch between the two quickly.  There are several options for VM Software:

Fusion and Parallels can be purchased via the software order form.

To Request a virtual machine please fill out a service request in ITRequest here.

Unsupported Methods

We do not support running Windows natively on Mac hardware (via Boot Camp) at this time.