Password Recovery

Self-service password recovery is provided through CruzID Manager for most users through the use of a Password Recovery Email (PRE). PREs must not be the same as your UCSC email address and can not end in

To recover a forgotten password, select Forgot Your Password? on the CruzID Manager login page and follow the instructions. If you do not have a PRE in CruzID Manager, file a ticket in IT Request or email for assistance resetting your CruzID password.

Applicants and Students

For applicants and students who applied for admission after fall 2014, PREs were loaded to CruzID Manager from the email address supplied at the time of application. Applicants can update this address via the MyUCSC student portal. There is a one business day delay before this change is reflected in CruzID Manager.
Current and former students can update their PRE directly through CruzID Manager.

Faculty and Staff

Staff hired by Staff Human Resources (SHR) in or after March 2018 may have their PRE loaded to CruzID Manager from their employment application. Staff hired prior to this date, as well as staff and faculty hired through the Academic Personnel Office (APO), must enter their own PRE in CruzID Manager.
Faculty and staff can update their PRE through CruzID Manager.

Sponsored Account Holders

Sponsored (sundry) account holders may have their PRE loaded to CruzID Manager at the time their account is created. If it is not, the PRE should be created by the account holder when passwords are set.
Sponsored account holders can update their PRE through CruzID Manager.

Guest Account Holders

Guest Account Holders must contact their account sponsor to reset their CruzID password. They do no have the option to set a PRE.