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Monthly Virtual Server Cost: $55.00
Annual Virtual Server Cost: $660.00

Your Virtual Server includes 24x7 support for the virtual infrastructure, generator-backed power and other benefits of Data Center hosting, and operating-system licenses for Windows Server and Red Hat Linux.
This cost does not include optional services like data backups or server management
For a comprehensive quote that includes these services, please contact the Data Center.

To help you with your disk sizing:
The DCO Windows group has a standard 40G OS disk and a 2-10G pagefile disk (depending on the memory size). They recommend production servers have these OS disks on the high-performance tier.
The DCO Unix team generally starts with a 16-32G OS and swap space, depending on the operating system in use. All disks are generally placed on the standard-performance tier unless high-perf is requested.
For any OS, application data is not housed on the OS disk and should be on separate virtual disk(s). These disks can be on either the standard or high performance tiers.