Data Center Pricing and Billing

Many Data Center services are provided without charge to clients. ITS covers these costs to encourage members of the UCSC community to use the central computing facilities.

Where services are recharged to clients, expenses vary depending on complexity, platform and networking requirements. Estimated costs are provided in advance, to help clients make an informed decision.

Managed Services Charges

  • No cost


Data Center Services charges are calculated at the close of each month in the PCR360 system then transferred to FIS Banner. The charge details are available through InfoView, where you can run the NTS Unit Billing Summary report.

  • The NTS Unit Billing Summary report provides departments with transactional detail views for Network, Telephone, Info User, and Data Center Services.
  • After you run the report, select the account title "ITS DATA CENTER SERVICES" in Filter Toolbar. This will allow you to only view only Data Center Services charge detail.

Request an InfoView account and/or access to the NTS Universe within InfoView. 

Rates and Billing Codes for Data Center Services

Data Center Backup Service

  • Billing Code: DCBBKUPGB
  • Rate: Tiered pricing dependent on the GB used
    • < 100GB $7 per month or $76.50 per yr
    • 101GB - 500GB $14 per month or $158 per yr
    • 501GB - 1TB $35 per month or $419 per yr
    • > 1TB  $46 per month or $547 per Tb/Yr 

If the host is a dev server, tied to a production server, there is no cost. 

Note: In order to capture a full month of data, billing for backups will appear on the next monthly billing cycle. For example, actual October backup charges will show up on the November bill, which is generated on Dec 1st. In other words, billing for backups will always be a month behind.

Managed Services

  • Rate: No cost

Virtual Hosting Service (Business Grade)

Calculator helper available here

   Virtual Hosting Service: Base

  • Billing Code: DCBVMBASE
  • Rate: $176.5.00 per VM, per year, for a host with 2 virtual CPU and 2 GB of memory.

   Incremental (for each additional CPU or GM of memory)

  • Billing Code: DCBVMINC
  • Rate: $23.00 per VM, per incremental unit of CPU or memory, per year


  • Rate: $1 per GB, per year

   Data Center Subsidy/Adjustment

  • Billing Code: DCBPREPAY
  • Definition: Several departments contributed funding in support of their systems to ITS during the period of time in which ITS was consolidated. Those departments will continue to see a credit on their bill for the amount of those contributions and this appears as a prepayment credit.

Need Help or Have a Question?

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