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Google Drive and Shared Drive

Store, search, and access files as a team. Safely collaborate and share files with a project team, your department, or campus colleagues.

Benefits and Features

  • File storage and sharing: Store, share, and collaborate on Google Docs as well as other files (e.g. PDFs)
  • Powerful search: Google’s powerful search engine allows keyword search and filtering
  • Data Security 
    • Sophisticated file access permissions
    • Native P3 data security 
    • In combination with the Virtru service, PDFs and other non-Google document types can be encrypted for enhanced document security.
  • Individual storage: “My Drive” provides private file storage for individual students, staff, and faculty members. Files or folders can be shared individually with other users as desired.
  • Shared institutional storage: Shared Drives provide departments or teams shared space for University documentation. Files and folders can be shared with additional users as desired. Learn more about key features of Shared Drives. 
  • Integrations: Google Drive integrates with multiple other tools such as Asana, Docusign, and Slack.


Staff, Faculty, Students 


No additional cost.

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PII and other P3-P4 data must be encrypted if stored in Google. Please see more on Google Apps Service allowable data use.

More information about Google Drive and Shared Drive privacy and security settings.