Microsoft Office 365

UC Santa Cruz provides licensing of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite for all active campus faculty, staff, and students. This productivity suite includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook for Windows and Mac. Office for Windows also includes Microsoft Access, Publisher, and OneNote 2016. 

Please Note Regarding Account and Data Removal
Microsoft Office accounts are removed 30 days after student graduation and employee separation or retirement.
Access is also removed if you are an employee on leave status.  For removed accounts any data stored in OneDrive is permanently removed after 30 days.

Please Note this Fix for Frequently Seen Sign In Problems
If the sign in page:
loops back to sign-in OR says "your account has been locked"
Please change your Gold password here: CruzID Manager and wait 30 minutes before trying to sign in again. 
New student Office 365 accounts activate at the start of the academic quarter.

Features and Benefits

  • Students, Faculty, and Staff can install Office 365 software on up to 5 computers, 5 phones and 5 tablets

  • OneDrive Cloud Storage

Get Office Software

  • University-Owned Computers
    ITS will continue to provide/install Office when setting up new computers, by request, and via local self-service options (BigFix & Jamf Pro).
    Office 2016 and 2019 users can use Office without signing in, but sign in will enable more functionality.  

  • Personally-Owned Computers
    The Office 365 portal provides access to software downloads of the Office 365 product suite for self-installs. Use CruzID Gold to sign into the portal - select Work/School account if prompted.

  • System Requirements
    • Windows 10
    • macOS - 10.13+

Sign In to Use Office

  • Office 365 requires user sign in to activate the software.
  • Sign in to Office
  • Use your CruzID Gold account and password
  • Select Work/School account if prompted
  • If the sign in page loops back to sign-in, please reset your Gold password here: CruzID Manager


The Office 365 portal  is available 24/7. Campus support is provided Monday-Friday, 8AM to 5PM through the ITS Support Center.


All UCSC students, faculty, and staff are eligible to use Office 365. University Extension students and part-time faculty are not eligible for installation on personally-owned computers.
  • Students
    • Accounts are automatically provisioned from the Campus Directory.
    • Student access is activated when the first enrolled quarter begins.
    • Access is disabled and stored data is removed by Microsoft 30 days after student status ends.
  • Faculty and Staff
    • Faculty and staff access is enabled when employment status is active.
    • Access is disabled when employment ends or on retirement.


Office 365 is provided to all active faculty & staff at no cost via a campus funded site license.

Student access is provided by Microsoft facilitated by ITS.

Disabled Services

ITS does not enable Office 365 online services, including OneDrive, for faculty and staff. 
If you need to store and share data, please contact the Support Center to find out more about Google Apps or other secure file-sharing services.

Some Office 365 services, such as Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, Skype, and others are not enabled as they duplicate services available via the campus standard Google services.

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