IT Systems and Data Governance Committee

The IT Systems and Data Governance Committee brings together stakeholders to review and recommend campus wide information technology strategy, process, policy, and investments explicitly in the context of working towards campus priorities. It also informs campus data management strategy and direction, defines Common Data Platform data access, availability, and usage, and informs practices to ensure data integrity and quality. 

Committee Charge (PDF)



Executive Sponsor

  • Vice Chancellor for Information Technology
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget Analysis and Planning 


  • Associate Vice Chancellor, Technology and Services | Deputy CIO (Co-Chair)
  • Vice Chancellor, Finance, Operations and Administration (Co-Chair)
  • IT Security Representative 
  • Enterprise Systems Portfolio Manager 
  • IT Architecture and Infrastructure Associate Vice Chancellor 
  • IT Resource and Planning Management Representative
  • ADA Compliance Office Representative
  • Business Owner Representative(s)
    • HR | Manager HR Business Information Services 
    • Finance | Enterprise Financial Systems Director 
    • University Relations | Executive Director of Information Management
    • Student Success Analytics Systems | Executive Advisor
    • Student Systems | University Registrar 
    • Academic HR | Assistant Vice Provost- Academic Personnel
    • Health Systems | Associate Vice Chancellor Student Health and Wellness
  • Academic Senate Committees 
    • Committee on Information Technology 
    • Others TBD 
  • IRAPS Representative
  • Director of Data Management 
  • Data Privacy Representative 
  • Director of Administrative Policy & Records
  • Note that additional campus stakeholders may be invited to participate based on the committee’s agenda.

Systems and Data Governance Sub Committees

  • Centralized Software Licensing Committee 
  • Student Success Task Force

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