Research Computing and Data Infrastructure Committee

The Research Computing and Data Infrastructure Committee provides the campus framework for institutional governance of shared research computing and data infrastructure.

Decision Domains

The Committee will inform the Executive Sponsors in areas such as high-speed networking (e.g. Science DMZ and HPR networks); shared computational resources (e.g. Hummingbird or its successors); research data management, archive and backup; research computing facilities; and other, shared research computing-related technology infrastructure (e.g. Nautilus GPU Cluster).

The Committee’s decision-making scope includes:

  • Management oversight of shared resources
  • Oversight of shared computing infrastructure (e.g. data center facilities, colocation facilities, Hummingbird cluster, the high-performance research network) 
  • Development of management reporting requirements, KPIs and metrics
  • Input on proposed system-wide policies that affect research IT and research computing and data infrastructure
  • Operational implementation of system-wide and campus policies (especially research compliance and security)
  • Proposal sponsorship

In consultation with the Executive Sponsor, the Committee is authorized to make operational decisions within their domain on behalf of the campus, and is expected to advise campus leadership in this decision domain. The Committee makes regular reports via meeting minutes and other memoranda to the Executive Sponsors, the Office of Research, the Deans, relevant Faculty Senate Committees, and others as appropriate. Committee materials are expected to be available to members of the campus community to promote good governance and transparency.



Committee membership is designed to be fully representative of the campus. Members are expected to be knowledgeable about campus culture regarding RCDI communities of practice. Communications channels such as mailing lists, public websites, messaging applications and governance meetings will be maintained.

RCDI members will be made up of representatives from the Committee on Information Technology and Committee on Research Academic Senate Committees and will also be drawn from each of the academic divisions and schools. It will also include faculty engaged in IT-dependent research, principal investigators on core proposals supporting campus shared research computing and data infrastructure, Deans or their designates, and staff advisors (ex officio). Members will be nominated by the Executive Sponsor. The chair and vice chair will be nominated by the committee, and approved by the Executive Sponsor. Committee membership term will be no less than two years.

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