LinkedIn Learning for Instructors


LinkedIn Learning is a platform with a suite of professionally curated videos with a broad set of courses covering creative media, collaboration, team building, leadership, and information technology. The courses are designed for on-demand video-based instruction at various skill levels and often come with practice exercises or are project-based. The content hosted on the platforms is not created by UCSC so it’s recommended that materials are reviewed before assigning to students.

The platform has courses in German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin, or Brazilian Portuguese languages.

Why Use LinkedIn Learning?

The LinkedIn Learning platform provides instructors with supplemental content to support students with additional resources for presentations, public speaking, or technology skills like Adobe Creative Suite, Git, or Excel. These skills help students complete assignments needing these skills but are also transferable and marketable skills. Students also benefit as they can connect the LinkedIn Learning accounts with their LinkedIn user profiles to earn and share badges.  

Arts Division uses LinkedIn Learning to Support Student Success

The Arts Division has found success with using LinkedIn Learning for learning digital media tools.  

Other Possibilities

  • Public speaking and presentation playlists for final presentations
  • Economics courses could assign videos on Microsoft Excel 
  • Project-based courses could suggest project management, leadership, or team collaboration techniques. 

How do I get started mapping the curriculum or finding supplemental course material? 

LinkedIn Learning offers free services to map your curriculum or supplemental course materials.  Fill out the custom mapping template (first make a copy) and then submit a ticket to The completed template will be sent to LinkedIn Learning and returned within a few weeks. A LinkedIn Learning admin will then show you how to create a collection or mastery path.


Example Syllabus Script
As a student, you have free access to LinkedIn Learning. Login Here:
These course recommendations can be used to help you during class projects or while using the required technology programs. Also, be sure to add any completed LinkedIn Learning skills and certifications to your Linkedin profile to showcase your earned skills.
Course Recommendations:Excel Tips Weekly, Working in teams, Writing for Clarity 

How to link LinkedIn Learning materials to Canvas

While there is currently no direct integration of LinkedIn Learning with UCSC Canvas, links to courses in LinkedIn Learning can be added to pages, modules, or navigation in a Canvas course using the standard capabilities in Canvas to add hyperlinks. 

If you have an interest in using LinkedIn Learning for grade passback or to support a better student experience with deeper integration to Canvas, please email and tell us!