MyUCSC Mobile

Mobile landing pageMany commonly-used functions in MyUCSC are now mobile friendly for students, faculty and applicants. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyUCSC Mobile?

MyUCSC Mobile makes certain MyUCSC functions easier to use on smart phones or mobile devices.

In addition to providing enhanced navigation, the mobile interface rearranges the regular web pages to be more friendly on mobile devices and applies some mobile-friendly styling. There is no separate app to download. For students, faculty and applicants, mobile-friendly pages will appear automatically when logging in to MyUCSC with a smart phone or mobile device.

How do I access MyUCSC Mobile?

All students, faculty, and applicants have been given access to MyUCSC Mobile. Go to MyUCSC on a smart phone or mobile device.

What functions are "mobilized"?

Student pages
  • Enrollment (Add, Drop, Swap, Edit, Shopping Cart)
  • Grades
  • Class Schedule
  • Class Search
  • To Dos/Tasks
  • Holds
  • My Messages
  • Financial Aid
  • My Account (including eBill/ePay and 1098-T)
  • Academic Requirements
  • My Advisers
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Personal Information (address, phone, email, etc.)

Faculty pages

  • My Schedule (list and calendar views)
  • Class Roster
  • Grade Roster

Applicant pages

  • Admissions Messages
  • View Test Scores
  • Statement of Intent to Register (undergraduate applicants only)
  • Change Major (undergraduate applicants only)
  • View/Change College Preference (undergraduate applicants only)
  • Withdraw Application (undergraduate applicants only)

How can I access features that aren't "mobilized"?

You can still access the full-featured desktop version of MyUCSC from your smart phone or mobile device by selecting the "Full Site Login" checkbox on the login page. This will activate desktop view until you log out again.

How do I get help?

If you need help understanding MyUCSC functions in general, please visit MyUCSC Help.

If you need help with MyUCSC's mobile functionality, contact the ITS Support Center.

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