UC Women Rock IT - Especially at UCSC!

April 03, 2020

UCSC celebrated Women’s History Month in March and there are so many talented women who work in ITS. Here are just a few remarkable women in ITS who were highlighted in the UC IT Blog last month. Read about other women in IT at UC here part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Sherryl Image Sherryl Fawx, desktop technician, Infrastructure and Operations, UCSC. Discovered a persistent fix for failing Microsoft Windows updates on computers in the Staff HR and Financial Affairs departments. This has resolved work disruptions and eliminated the need for repeated updates.
Jennifer Image Jennifer Miller, instructional computer labs manager, Infrastructure and Operations, UCSC. Supports the day-to-day operations in 12 instructional computer lab spaces that serve faculty and over 18,000 students. Mentors students and works closely with student managers who help supervise over 60 student employees supporting the instructional labs and the campus libraries.
Liz Picture Liz Wright, IT security analyst, Information Technology Services, UCSC. Leads an initiative to train the ITS helpdesk on handling tier 1 phishing incident response. Also instrumental in launching the student worker incident response program.
Kim Picture Kim Hwe, local IT specialist, ITS-User Experience. Chairs the Diversity Inclusion Group for IT (DIG IT) and is doing wonders bringing ITS together on all fronts. Kim's focus and passion in ITS is on diversity, inclusion, and engagement while offering the best customer support to the Humanities Division.
Leslie Picture Leslie Geary, project manager, Products & Services Group. Conceived and managed a divisionwide products and services inventory and analysis effort that has provided critical information needed for the Information Technology Services reorganization.
lea Picture Lea Scarpelli, media systems engineer, Infrastructure and Operations. Designs, installs, and troubleshoots classroom audio-visual (AV) switching and control systems, and trains and supervises the student workers who perform AV system maintenance work.
Sarah Picture Sarah Do, desktop technician, Infrastructure and Operations. Coordinated the migration of 25 computers in the Colleges, Housing, and Education Services department from a retiring Windows 7 operating system to a fully supported Windows 10. Sarah is also the artist and creator of the ITS logo!
Vanessa Gasper, ResNet technician, and Naomi Gunther, ResNet manager, Infrastructure and Operations. Vanessa and Naomi train and mentor student technicians, focusing not only on current job responsibilities, but also on career development, interview skills, and resume writing.