Web Improvement Program

The Web Improvement Program is part of a digital transformation approach to improve and sustain the quality and effectiveness of UCSC websites, and improve the experience of the digital university.

The program is a cross-functional collaboration between Information Technology Services and University Relations, aiming to support campus partners in developing improved web content that is easier to find, use, and understand – all factors that have an impact on a university’s reputation, inclusion efforts, and business outcomes.

The focus of the program is to help campus partners programmatically design an improved web experience across our UCSC websites. We believe this can help campus partners better tell their story and help us all realize our shared goals of student success, research impact, inclusivity, and business efficiencies.

The Web Improvement Program is also a priority initiative for the chancellor, directly connected to the campus business objectives, and impactful initiatives like raising our research profile, student success, and inclusivity.