Faculty & Staff Dialing Instructions

Emergency From Campus Telephones (including mobile) - Dial 911

Important Note: Even from a cellular phone, you should be immediately connected to UCSC campus emergency services. If not, then announce that you are on the UC Santa Cruz campus as soon as you are connected so that your call can be transferred as quickly as possible. Alternately, you may dial (831) 459-2345 to be immediately connected to campus emergency services.

On Campus Dial the last five digits of the telephone number
All campus telephone numbers begin with one of two prefixes, 459 and 502.
Examples: To call 459-1234, dial 9-1234. To call 502-1234, dial 2-1234.
Local Dial 6 + seven digit number.
Always dial 6 for off-campus calls. For example, to call 426-7500, dial 6-426-7500
Note: Some campus telephones do not allow off-campus calling, even to local numbers. A reorder tone (a siren-like sound) after dialing 6 indicates that the telephone you are using does not allow off-campus calling.
Toll-Free Dial 6 + 1 + Toll-Free Area code + Seven-digit number
Toll-free area codes include 800, 877 and 888.
Long Distance Dial 6 + 1 + Area code + Seven-digit number (click here to find the area code for any US or Canadian City)
Note: Not all administrative telephones allow long distance dialing. A reorder tone (a siren-like sound) after dialing 6 + 1 indicates that the the telephone you are using does not allow long distance dialing.
International Dial 6 + 011 + Country Code + City Code (if applicable) + Telephone number (click here to find the country and city code for a particular international city)
Some cities in a country may have a designated city code, while others may not.
Example: To call Aberdeen Scotland, dial 6-011-44-1224 + Local Number
Directory Assistance Campus directory- Dial 411 (from non-campus telephones, dial 831-459-0111)
Off Campus- Dial 6 + 411 for local or long distance directory assistance