Ordering Telephone Service

In most departments, there are staff members (usually facilities coordinators) who serve as liaisons for ordering telephone and network services. While ITS will make every effort to provide detailed information on this page, when it comes time to order a telephone and network service or make a change to an existing service, your facilities coordinator is your starting point.  

Ordering Telephone or Voicemail Services

If you are a facilities coordinator and would like to order new or change existing telephone, voicemail, or network service:

  • Go to https://slughub.ucsc.edu/its
  • Select "Log in with CruzID" and then log in with your CruzID and Gold password. If you are a facilities coordinator for your department, you will see the telephone and network service request items. Select the service you wish to request and following the instructions. 
  • If you are not a facilities coordinator, you will not see the telephone and network service request items and will not be able to complete the request. If you should be a facilities coordinator for your department, please email help@ucsc.edu so ITS can give you the appropriate access and help you place the order. 

Moving Existing Telephone after Ordering Telephone or Voicemail Services

Please do not move your campus telephone yourself. If a campus VoIP phone is moved without the knowledge of ITS, the location data provided to 911-first responders will be inaccurate. This may result in a potential life safety issue. Reach out to ITS by opening an online support ticket, by emailing help@ucsc.edu, or by calling (831) 459-4357.

Ensuring Timely Service

Service requests are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. To secure the earliest available date, please fill-in the date field of the order form with ASAP. If you require service on a specific date, and want that date guaranteed, we must receive your order a minimum of seven business days prior to the date you write in the “date needed” field. Expedited orders can be negotiated so please note why the order should be rushed in the comments section of the order form.

Non Campus Telephone Service

For UCSC business offices located at sites not served by campus telephone service, ITS can assist you with ATT service orders. This includes standard ATT telephone services such as Centrex lines or business service lines and ATT voice mail. Additionally, a T1 circuit may be required for data service. If a location has many users, campus telephone service could be extended to a site also using a T1 circuit, but there would be an additional cost to the unit for telephone equipment at the site (about $30,000 to start, not including telephones or wiring, or T1 circuits). For information about installing a new T1 or to order telephone service in an off-campus location, please email help@ucsc.edu.

ATT services are provided under contract rates and are paid for directly by ITS. these costs are recharged back to the unit using a foapal supplied by the unit. Please note that there is a 5.4% surcharge added to all third party billing handled by ITS.