Emergency Telephone Services

At UCSC there are various ways for Students, Faculty, Staff and Guests to get help in emergency situations. For more information, visit the Office of Emergency Services website. 

To report an emergency... 

  • Dial 9-1-1 from any landline or cell phone
  • Use a blue light emergency phone 
  • Dail (831) 459-2345 to reach campus dispatch directly from a cell phone

Calling 911 From a Campus Telephone

To report an emergency, dial 911 from any campus, public or cell phone or use one of the blue light emergency phones. 911 systems identify the physical address of the caller so that emergency responders can be dispatched without the caller needing to provide an address.

Calling 911 From a Cell Phone at UCSC

Many 911 calls made from cell phones on campus will go to campus dispatch, but some may still go to CHP depending on the cell phone provider. If you do reach CHP, please be sure to inform the operator that the emergency is at a UCSC campus location and the operator will contact campus dispatch. As analternative, dail (831) 459-2345 to reach campus dispatch directly in an emergency.

Blue Light and Elevator Phones

There are 60 blue light emergency phones currently in place on campus in high traffic areas such as parking lots, bus stops and common areas. There are three different types of such phones in use, however, all can be identified by the blue light located on or near each unit. These lights are automatically lit after dark and, on the new tower-style units, flash when in use. 

Blue light emergency phone location map (PDF)

Blue Light Post Blue Light tower
Blue Light Wall 2 Blue Light Wall

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