Unified Messaging - Voicemail to Email Inbox

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Unified messaging (voicemail to email) is when your campus voicemail messages are sent to your UCSC email inbox as a WAV audio file. You'll be able to listen to your voicemail messages via this file. 

Features and Benefits

  • University voicemail message is sent to a customer’s email inbox (xxx@ucsc.edu).
  • The voicemail is saved as a WAV file and is attached to the email. It can be played back on most media players on most computers, and most smartphones and mobile devices.
  • An email can be forwarded, saved in a folder or deleted.
  • Opening an email message and playing the file does not affect the original voice mail message.
  • A voicemail message is available for three days through the phone interface.
  • The “message waiting” indicator light on the phone is turned off.
  • It is not visual voicemail.


The Unified Messaging Service is available for use 24x7. Support is defined in the ITS & Campus Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The ITS Change Management Process is followed for planned maintenance and changes are posted on the ITS Maintenance Calendar.


All staff, faculty and students employed by UCSC are eligible. People handling HIPAA or PII need to comply with their department policies and UCSC Electronic Communication Policy and UCSC Electronic Communication Implementation Policy. It is up to those individuals and departments to manage. Adherence to UCSC policies, processes and procedures that address the transmission of restricted and sensitive data over the wired and wireless network. Reference: http://its.ucsc.edu/policies.

Pertinent Policy

UC Electronic Communications Policy: http://policy.ucop.edu/doc/7000470/ElectronicCommunications

UCSC implementation of Electronic Communications Policy: http://policy.ucsc.edu/policies/its/ECPI.html

PII Definition and Practices: http://its.ucsc.edu/security/pii.html

HIPAA Security Rule Implementation: http://its.ucsc.edu/policies/hipaa.html


The Unified Messaging Service cost is $22.00 one-time setup cost. No monthly fees.

Request this Service

Request the service at http://its.ucsc.edu/get-help/index.html.

  1. Click “Request Services.”
  2. Click “Voicemail: Change Features and Functions” in the Network, Wireless and Telephone Section of the menu.
  3. Fill in the mandatory fields (noted with an *).
  4. Click “Make a change to existing voicemail (charges vary).”
  5. Click “Add Unified Messaging ($22.00 one-time setup charge).”
  6. Add additional comments if necessary (not mandatory).
  7. Add the FOAPAL “What FOAPAL should be used for one-time charges?”
  8. Click “Order Now.”
  9. A Checkout screen will display.
  10. Change the name in the “Request For:” if the order is for another person.
  11. Click “Checkout.”

Get Help

Contact the ITS Support Center if you need assistance with this service.