Computer Encryption FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Mac OS X

Q: What are the operating system requirements for desktop encryption?
A: Our service requires OS X Yosemite (10.10) and newer. You can submit a ticket for assistance with upgrading your Mac to a supported OS version.

Q: What happens if a person adds a new local user (they need to be an Admin in order to add a user) or changes their local account name on a mac. How often do people change their computer short names?
A: On a Mac, users need to be enabled to be able to boot the computer. Once booted other users can log in to their local accounts. Each user would need to be enabled in FileVault in order to boot the computer themselves. To enable a new user for FileVault, an admin user must add the user. When adding an authorized user, the user’s password must be entered so they need to be present.

Q: What happens when a person changes their AD password and their Mac is bound to the Campus AD domain?
A: If you log into your Mac using a Local Account, changing the AD password will have no effect to logging into your computer. If you log in using your AD account, you may need to log in with your old AD password until the password is synchronized with FileVault. (Need to confirm the behavior)

Q: How do I know that my computer is encrypted
A: In System Preferences> Security and Privacy> FileVault or in the bottom lane you will see Sophos Encryption> Disk Encryption and the status is listed. If System Prefs states FileVault is enabled but Sophos Encryption does not state Enabled:Yes then this is a self-support service and ITS cannot provide you with a recovery key.

Q: Why do I keep getting prompted to use the old password for each app using the keychain?
A: You changed your password using the recovery key and you don’t agree to update your keychain. Sync the keychain.

Q: Can I change the name of my Mac after it has been encrypted?
A: You can change your name but we will have to decrypt your computer first, please put in a help ticket with service-now or email to start the process. Use the keyword "encrypt" and in the subject "Change my Mac computer name".  

Other FAQs

Q: Are there any special rules involving traveling with encrypted computers?

A: Please see the University of California Traveling with Electronic Devices page for more information about traveling with your encrypted laptop. 

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