Microsoft Campus Agreement (MCCA)

mccaMicrosoft's annual subscription licensing program 'MCCA' is a way to license an entire division/department/office with software to use for work, research or studies. 

                                 Count Your Staff Not Your Computers
                                 All Computers In Your Department Are Entitled To Install The Latest Software

Term: July 1st through June 30th

Annual renewal: Due April 28th, 2020

Place your order: MCCA Order Form

Contact: ITS Software

How can I join MCCA to receive these benefits?

MCCA requires all Knowledge Workers in an Office/Department/Division be counted to join this program. Please contact ITS Software Licensing for more information.

Departments who use Microsoft desktop or server software with requirements to keep current with updates and version upgrades can benefit from MCCA's low annual subscription price. The latest software version is always available for installation but supported recent versions can also be provided. 

If the department chooses to leave the MCCA subscription service the Microsoft software installed while under MCCA is required to be uninstalled or repurchased as a perpetual license.


The campus is now providing Office 365 to staff & faculty as a core productivity tool.

Please Note: ITS has not yet activated or reviewed security, privacy and support requirements for cloud service OneDrive. 

Office 365 is provided to active faculty/staff and enrolled students. Access will terminate 30 days after separation or retirement.


Departments with a majority of Windows computers and who connect to Active Directory file share can license:

Windows 10 OS Education A3 & Core CAL

This provides all Windows computers and Virtual Machine installs to run the latest Window 10 operating system and connect to file storage and authentication services.

Visio or Project are also available as a separate orders.


Office 365 Access

Faculty/Staff can download Office 365 at: Sign-in with your email, then CruzID & Gold password.  Once you install the software you can be signed into Office 365 on up to 5 computers, 5 phones and 5 tablets that are personally or university owned. 

See the Office 365 Service Page for more info. If you have problems signing in or have questions, please request help.




The Microsoft software subscription service counts Knowledge Workers but not Light Users

  • Annual subscription
  • Count Knowledge Workers
  • Do not count Light Users
  • Do not count Student Workers
  • Division/department/office licenses all Knowledge Workers with the same software package.

Who is counted?

Knowledge Worker:

Any employee or contractor or volunteer who uses a UC owned computer or device for the benefit of the Institution or within the user’s relationship with the Institution.

Who is Not Counted?

Light User:

All Student workers & those who do not typically use a computer in their normal job function.

  • Automotive Equipment Operations/Maintenance
  • Bus Drivers
  • Child Care Services
  • Custodial Services
  • Physical Plant Maintenance
  • Food Services
  • Groundskeeper
  • Linen Services
  • Parking Attendants
  • Patient Escorts
  • Recreation/Fitness
  • Security Services

Do Not Count student employees including GSR/TA’s who work in a subscribed division/department/unit

Do Not Count Adjunct Professors in subscribed departments who only use Office 365 A1 Online.


Microsoft has changed descriptive terminology, next year the Knowledge Worker will be referred to as a Qualified Educational User / QEU


Licensed staff can access Office 365 by signing in to 
Please contact ITS Help Desk with sign-in issues

2019-20 MCCA Units and Licensed Software 

All staff & faculty are included in a campus license for Office 365. The follow units are subscribed to Windows OS and Core CALs for AD server access and Visio and/or Project.

  • Academic Personnel - Windows OS, CALs, Project, Visio
  • Academic Senate - Windows OS, CALs
  • Administrative Records - Windows OS, CALs, Visio
  • Arboretum - Windows OS, CALs
  • Baskin School of Engineering - Windows OS, CALs
  • Campus Counsel - Windows OS, CALs
  • Campus Fire Marshal - Windows OS, CALs, Visio, Project
  • Campus Provost/EVC - Windows OS, CALs, Visio
  • CBSE - Windows OS, CALs
  • CHES - all units have Windows OS, CALs plus:
    • Affiliated Housing -Windows OS, CALs
    • Bay Tree Bookstore -Windows OS, CALs
    • Business & Financial Analysis - Windows OS, CALs, Visio, Project
    • CHES Administration -Windows OS, CALs, Visio
    • Colleges Nine/Ten -Windows OS, CALs
    • Community Safety Program -Windows OS, CALs
    • Conference Services -Windows OS, CALs
    • Cowell/Stevenson -Windows OS, CALs
    • Crown/Merrill -Windows OS, CALs
    • Dining -Windows OS, CALs, Visio, Project
    • Early Education Services -Windows OS, CALs
    • Employee Housing & Capital Planning - Windows OS, CALs
    • Facilities -Windows OS, CALs
    • Housing Services - Includes Diversity -Windows OS, CALs
    • Porter/Kresge - Windows OS, CALs
    • Rachel Carson College/Oakes -Windows OS, CALs
    • Student Housing Services -Windows OS, CALs, Visio
  • Chancellor's Office -Windows OS, CALs, Visio, Project
  • CITRIS/ITI -Windows OS, CALs, Visio, Project
  • Counseling & Psychological Services -Windows OS, CALs
  • Dean of Student -Windows OS, CALs, Visio
  • Disability Resource Center -Windows OS, CALs
  • E&PS Stable Isotope Lab -Windows OS, CALs
  • EEB/PISCO (sub tidal / inter tidal) -Windows OS, CALs
  • EH&S -Windows OS, CALs, Visio, Project
  • Education Opportunity Program (EOP) -Windows OS, CALs
  • Emergency Services -Windows OS, CALs, Visio, Project
  • Financial Affairs -Windows OS, CALs
    • EFS - Visio, Project
    • Controller - Visio
  • Graduate Division -Windows OS, CALs
  • Grad Student Commons -Windows OS, CALs
  • Internal Audit - Windows OS, CALs
  • ITS - Windows OS, CALs
    • APM - Visio, Project
    • APM/AA - Visio, Project
    • APM/AA/EA - Visio
    • APM/BA - Visio, Project
    • APM/BA/DM - Visio, Project
    • APM/BA/UC Path - Visio, Project
    • APM/BA/B&BS - Visio, Project
    • APM/BA/HR&SS - Visio, Project
    • APM Web&PM - Visio, Project
    • APM/I&O - Visio, Project
    • BRM/B&FO - Visio, Project
    • BRM//FM&SP - Visio, Project
    • CSS/Depot - Visio
    • CSS/ITSM - Visio
    • CSS/SC Leads - Visio
    • WinCore - Visio, Project
    • NOC - Visio, Project
    • TelComm - Visio, Project
    • DataCenter - Visio, Project
    • LTG - Visio, Project
    • R&FP - Visio, Project
    • VC - Visio, Project
  • Learning Support Services - Windows OS, CALs
  • Library -Windows OS, CALs, Visio, Project
  • Mathematics - Windows OS, CALs
  • ODEI (IATC) - Windows OS, CALs
  • Office of Research - CALs
  • OMIP - Windows OS, CALs
  • ORCA -  CALs
  • OSP -  CALs
  • PPDO RES - Windows OS, CALs, Visio, Project
  • Physical Plant - Windows OS, CALs
    • BUFS - Visio
    • Work Management - Project
  • Physical Planning & Construction -Windows OS, CALs, Project
  • Police Department -Windows OS, CALs, Visio
    • PD Dispatch -Windows OS, CALs, Visio
    • PD Parking -Windows OS, CALs, Visio
  • Risk & Safety Services -Windows OS, CALs, Visio
  • Risk Services -Windows OS, CALs
  • Staff Human Resource -Windows OS, CALs, Visio, Project
  • Student Business Services -Windows OS, CALs, Visio
  • Student Conduct - Windows OS, CALs
  • Student Health Services -Windows OS, CALs, RDS CAL
  • Student Success Division -Windows OS, CALs, Visio
  • Student Success - SSERC -Windows OS, CALs
  • Title IX - Windows OS, CALs
  • Training and Development -Windows OS, CALs, Visio, Project
  • UC Scout -Windows OS, CALs, Project, Visio
  • Undergraduate Education - All - Windows OS, CALs 
    • Admissions - Visio
    • Advising & Honors
    • Cowell Academic
    • Crown Academic
    • Division of Global Engagement
    • Financial Aid - Visio
    • Educational Partnership Center - Visio, Project
      • EPC Office
      • EOAP
      • COSMOS
      • MESA
      • CRLP
      • CAL-SOAP
      • GEAR-UP
    • Enrollment Management Office - Visio
    • Kresge Academic
    • Merril Academic
    • Oakes Academic
    • Orientation
    • Porter Academic
    • Rachel Carson College Academic
    • Registrar - Visio
    • Stevenson Academic
    • Summer Session
    • Talent Search
    • UE VPDUE -Windows OS, CALs, Project, Visio
  • UNEX - Windows OS, CALs, Visio, Project, RDS CAL
  • University Relations - Windows OS, CALs