My Drive vs. Team Drives

There are two options for Google Drives: Team Drives and My Drives. Both options have their own inherent benefits and fall backs. Please look below to determine which drive option best suits your needs.

FAQ Team Drive My Drive
Who owns files and folders? The Team Individual who created file or folder
Can I restore files? Yes, if you have Edit access or Full access Yes, if you created the file
Can I move files? From My Drive to Team Drive: Yes, if you are Owner of the file and have at least Edit access in the Team Drive. Between Team Drives: Yes, if you have Full access in the original Team Drive and at least Edit access in the destination Team Drive. Yes
Sharing? All team members see the same set of files. It is possible to share at the file level with someone not in your Team Drive. You cannot share at the folder level in Team Drive Different people might see different files in a folder, depending on their access to individual files. It is also possible to share at the folder level inside My Drive.